Builder and leader of global teams that solve complex, global, business problems

As a career enterprise global business executive with technology and management consulting companies, Robert Dean brings decades of executive leadership experience in building and leading new business units and consulting practices that solve complex, global, business problems.


Known for his inspirational, boots-on-the-ground approach, he has led the global technology-enabled business transformation of some of the world’s most recognized companies. 


With a tight-knit five-person executive team from IBM, he developed and led a worldwide technology-enabled business transformation consulting practice. In his career, Robert has been recognized with the prestigious Manufacturing Enterprise President’s Award, as well as the Digital Equipment Corporation’s Executive Excellence Award.


Robert was asked to join Cisco Systems to be a part of a game-changing move for the hardware-oriented technology company to sell based on business-value to C-level and SVP/VP line-of-business executives in targeted industries. To drive this new vision, Robert created the first business executive only advisory board at Cisco. These CEO’s, SVP’s, and VP’s of globally recognized companies provided insight into business-value strategy and execution. This new business model significantly increased revenue and created long-lasting senior executive business relationships worldwide.


Robert is an accomplished speaker and has been featured at professional events, industry forums, and universities on business transformation, and the impact of technology on global business practices. He was a member of the IBM Executive Business Institute (now called IBM Institute for Business Value), which was the global, CEO, client-facing, thought leadership organization of IBM. Robert has participated as a featured speaker at worldwide conferences and forums such as the World Electronics Forum in Angers, France; the Texas/EU Business Summit in Austin, Texas; and the Manufacturing Leadership Summit, Palm Beach, Florida.


With over 25 years of in-country international experience, Robert has Ex-Pat experience in the UK (5 years) and The Netherlands (2 years) as well as leading/managing client engagements and consulting services business units throughout the US, Europe, the UK, Middle East, and other geographies. 


He is a former member of the Institute of Directors (UK) and has been a guest lecturer at Henley Management College (UK), Cranfield University (UK), Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands), Ohio State University (US), MIT (US), and Penn State (US).


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