Mr. Dean's many years of experience in managing successful projects for his clients is what your company may need.

Stephen Ashman | Vice President Sourcing

To who it may concern; I have known Bob for over ten years during which he has been a successful executive change agent across all areas of the supply chain function on a global basis.  I have found his work to be insightful, rigorous, and rich in well thought out business ideas.   I would recommend him to any organization seeking to improve its supply chain function.

Bryce Barnes, Lead Architect Manufacturing Sales- Americas

I have had the pleasure of working with Bob for more than 2 years in Cisco's Business Transformation Group . Bob's leadership of the Manufacturing team covering the America's has been exemplary. His extensive background manufacturing and his supply chain thought leadership have proven invaluable to our success. I believe that Bob has the leadership qualities, experience, and human touch to drive success in any position he takes on.

Daniel Boutell, Senior Advisor Manufacturing Industry, Business Transformation

Bob Dean is tremendous to work with; whether it is international business, strategic sales/marketing initiatives or transforming manufacturing operations, his leadership and knowledge base is exceptional. He collaborates and motivates team members to support the Business Transformation efforts within Cisco.

Bill Bunkers | Vice President & General Manager

Bob is a former client of mine. Not only were the invoices paid on time, but also he is a great strategic guy with solid business building experience in sales, marketing and client relationship management. He would be an asset to an organization looking for insight into how to grow their business during this challenging time.

Lou Crescenti, Independent Business Development Consultant

Bob, is an excellent leader, team player and is of the highest quality and integrity I endorse Bob highly.

Amanda Elam, President, Biotechnology

Bob Dean is an amazing leader and mentor. Not only did he model commitment and vision brilliantly, but he showed great patience and determination in building effective sales, support, and marketing functions in a chaotic start-up environment and a challenging market situation. I highly recommend him.

Lorie Brinson English, Senior Advisor, CPG Industry

Bob's strengths are his deep knowledge of the manufacturing business issues and processes in a diverse set of industries, executive presence and professionalism. He brings a great amount credibility with manufacturing business executives and has brought some key business contacts to CPG manufacturing at Hershey's, P&G, Colgate and Kimberly-Clark. He also has a deep knowledge and on-hands experience of executing the BVA process and the nuances of it. These two things combined with his deep knowledge of Cisco solutions makes for an excellent trifecta for on-target, business relevant conversations with executives forwarding BTx's mission. 

But I be remiss not to mention Bob's leadership capabilities. Bob is a strong, competent leader, skilled at leading to the different levels within his organization, whether mentoring to a new employees or a highly skilled experienced team. Bob is transparent, honest and brings forward the level of trustworthiness required in a leader to motivate a high performing team. His mentoring to me has not stopped at the "technical" skills required for the job but also on a personal level to seek first to understand the full context situations and react appropriately. I appreciate his leadership, ability to clearly communicate goals and objective and set the team in motion to achieve them. I enjoyed being a part of Bob's team and would welcome the opportunity to work him again in the future.

Rick Geiger, Executive Director Utilities & Smart Grid

Bob does an outstanding job leading Cisco to strategic business relevance in the Manufacturing vertical. Manufacturing covers a large range of SIC's and Bob has been extremely successful building and leading the team, establishing the executive relationships and managing the engagements that result in manufacturing companies achieving their strategic goals.

Carrie Kayser-Cochran, Partner Account Manager

Bob is a fantastic, collaborative leader with tremendous depth of knowledge of manufacturing business issues, who values his teams input and areas of expertise. He has the ability to develop a strategic vision, create excitement and work with his team to execute towards success.

Dan Kern, Manufacturing Industry Marketing Lead

I have had the great privilege to work with and support Bob Dean in his role as Executive Director of Cisco’s Manufacturing Industry Business Transformation Team. Bob’s extensive background, knowledge and executive presence and ability have made him a highly effective leader as well as mentor. Bob leads by example and effectively shows others how to succeed. Bob’s passion and desire to continually learn and grow makes him a highly agile and capable senior executive. I recommend Bob as he is a leader that people like to follow. I would gladly work for him anytime and anywhere!

Larry Killingsworth | Partner

I had the pleasure to work with Bob as he developed the European operations for Gibson and Associates. We also served together on the Firm's Executive Committee. Bob's broad professional knowledge, high energy, creative leadership and strong bias for action helped the Firm grow nearly 50% in the nearly two years he was with Gibson. Personally, he was a pleasure to work with on a daily basis.

Joe O'Connor, Executive Business Developer

I've worked with Robert for several years now at Cisco. He brings a strong background in consulting and manufacturing. He is continually looking to link those varied experiences and business value to the customers he works with today and the people on his team.

Kent Olson, President

Bob Dean was an exceptional member of the Vertical sales team. He worked well within a matrixed organization, developing solutions and sales support for the full portfolio of Cisco products and services. He is an excellent leader, speaker and collaborator. I recommend him highly.

Denis O'Sullivan | Managing Director

I have worked closely with Bob since he left IBM.  He has continued to show the strengths and vision, which were so clear while with IBM.

Scott Oldach, President, Data Services

Robert Dean is an accomplished executive in the services industry with an exceptional understanding of Supply Chain and Organizational Transformation issues. He has the entrepreneurial acumen to lead profitable businesses of any size --- from divisions of IBM to startups

James Sharwarko | Chief Financial Officer

Robert was instrumental in setting up and managing our first effort in the UK. Robert developed the "go to market" strategy, hired a competent team to deliver services, and managed clients through the process. As a member of the Executive Committee, Robert headed the development of the firm's Logistics practice, which expanded threefold during his tenure.

Randy Somermeyer | President

I have worked with Bob in several occasions. He brings an executive level of thinking with a consultative (issue based) approach. Bob as the ability to work with all levels of the organization, from the boardroom, to the operational staff. Bob keeps work interesting and fun and drives to quality deliverables.

Dale Steuer | Partner

Robert Dean has significant roots in international business experience. His strong executive leadership and team building characteristics were instrumental in establishing our company's practice lines in Europe. He is a builder and grower of businesses with strong client relationships worldwide. Any company would do well to have Robert as its trusted business advisor.

Bob Thilmont | Chief Executive Officer

Bob has a wealth of international business development experience. He has the ability to build an effective management team that results in sustained business growth.

Christopher C. Wren | Senior Vice President & Treasurer

I recommend Robert very highly. He has a broad range of expertise across large-scale consulting projects, supply change management, sales and marketing, and international business. He’s a very astute decision maker and strategic thinker.

Laurence C. Wright | Partner

Bob Dean was my colleague for the period in which he built and developed the UK practice for Gibson and Associates. It was his energy, his drive, and his ability to take measured risks that created a strong team of consultants who were loyal to him and outstanding contributors to the firm.


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