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ENCOMPASS was a joint venture between AMR (parent company of American Airlines), and the CSX Corporations, resulting in the development of an international networking and consulting service that specialized in freight shipment information exchange. This was a startup venture without precedence in market position, value proposition, business process, or technology implementation.



As the Director for Operations, Sales and Service, I was directly responsible for the development of the American and European professional services and sales operations, developing initial market and service strategies and customer relationships. In this role, I identified market opportunities, and developed the business plan. The business plan included the development of target market definitions and market penetration strategies, and gathering product requirements. I also developed the professional services plan, which included systems integration, consulting, educational services, and installation and support services.  



  • The startup of the new venture required the use of strong negotiation and communication skills, working with potential clients to market technical and consulting services. I collaborated with individual clients, identifying requirements and desires, and coordinated internally, exploring product capabilities and means for delivery.


  • On a larger scale, I led the operational structuring of U. S. and European companies, negotiating regarding deliverables, roles and responsibilities and resources.


  • Negotiation in the international market proved challenging, between identifying areas for “win/win”, I contended with significant cultural differences regarding benefits, working conditions and employment opportunities.


  • I worked with interpreters and other technical representatives to ensure that negotiations with client companies in the European operations went smoothly, and that organizational goals and objectives were facilitated during the discussion.


  • Additionally, I received feedback from existing or potential customers regarding satisfaction issues on deliverables, identifying areas for improvement, and agreeing to new sales terms to ensure client satisfaction was reached.


  • My work in the development and execution of the business and professional services plans involved conferring with a variety of parties on terms and conditions to effectively represent ENCOMPASS.


  • As the organization began to grow, I consulted with the additional executive team members, managers and technical experts to facilitate product delivery, resolve consulting and networking issues, and to promote teamwork to ensure client needs and requirements were met effectively and timely.



  • Resulted in business relationships with four global corporations for product definition, initial testing/implementation and first revenue for new company.


  • Established joint venture for operational start-up of UK and European business


  • Generated first funding by clients for product/service


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