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Company | Gibson & Associates (UK) Ltd.


As a seasoned manager and executive, I have been responsible for managing resources in a variety of areas including human resources, finance and information technology (IT). I have repeatedly demotrated success in my ability to obtain and allocate a variety of resources, and to successfully manage those resources to increase organizational effectiveness



As the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, I managed and led the startup and continued growth of Gibson’s European consulting company, based in London. As the CEO, I was responsible for effectively managing resources to positively impact profitability. Gibson and Associates had decided to leverage U. S. operations to develop European business opportunities, through growth of current operations and enhancement of relationships. However, these decisions were significantly impacted by the cost of doing business with clients with international operations. My challenge was to develop an approach to implement organizational growth goals.



  • Upon my assignment to the UK, I took immediate action that would lead to successful growth of the new operation.


  • I began by personally developing the start up plan for the new operation. The plan included resource management issues, including space management, legal issues, budget, human and other resource requirements to support the new operation.


  • I directed the legal establishment of the company in the United Kingdom.


  • Resource planning included developing several growth scenarios to assess funding and determine appropriate resource utilization to support continued growth.


  • My work in executing the startup plan included interviewing over 75 candidates over a two-month period to join the start up team.


  • I immediately completed an assessment to identify new potential clients and closed new business to fund the company start-up costs.


  • Additionally, as part of executing the startup plan, I developed the appropriate processes and procedures for the startup venture, including adjusting expense management, and other fiscal operating procedures. This work also included the development of standard commercial terms and conditions for client business.


  • As part of working effectively in the new overseas operational environment, I determined I would need to establish good working relationships with a variety of service providers, including attorneys, accountants, healthcare providers, real estate agents, and recruiters.




  • Started company on time and under budget.


  • Hired and managed initial senior professional staff of seven consultants.


  • Sold and managed delivery of initial global client to fund company start-up.


  • I was the Partner-in-charge of one of Gibson’s largest clients: a $12 billion industrial conglomerate. The primary focus of this client was one business segment comprised of over 95 separate companies with operations in the US, UK, Europe and Asia. Being the first client of this size and scope for Gibson, also managed client expectations, coordinated global consulting team direction and communication and ensured the delivery of results to the client.



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